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My Artsy Decor has been curated from my passion and love for art since I was a little girl. Sidelined for a good number of years, I was reunited with art when I rediscovered my love for it while setting up my new home. I found it extremely satisfying to make decor pieces for my home. Seeing my creations coming to life rekindled the art lover in me. This time, I found my love in abstract art and combined it with home décor. While living my passion, I decided to sideline by corporate career to pursue my passion. And honestly, it's so much fun!

During the peak Covid year, on December 2, 2020, my passion venture—My Artsy Decor was born. Since then, we’ve been spending hours to dress up your havens, your cosy homes, with our hand-poured sculpture candles and other artsy home decors made of real Agate stones and marble. Overwhelmed with the response, we added new lines, one at a time, after careful experiments and field trials.

MyArtsy Decor About Us

Our new lines of handpainted wearables and personalised gifts picked up fast. The intent behind our handmade designer candles is not only to enhance your home decor but also to elevate your space with mood-enhancing scents and serve as a reminder to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Our stone decor collections like designer coasters, photo frames and platters are unique and locally made. The line of customised and personalised gifts attract customers, leading its fast expansion. The handpainted wearable collection is trendy and loved by our clients.
Active with a portfolio of several collection lines in the categories of decor, gifts, art pieces and handprinted wearables, we don’t compromise on quality while catering to your artistic cravings. Do check the testimonial section to know what others have to say about us. My Artsy Decor operates on distribution channels like retail and e-commerce.

Founded by Tithi in December 2020, My Artsy Decor is run by a small group of women. Started as a small online community, today it has grown into a small business with ambitious expansion plans.

My Artsy Decor
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