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Pick the Right Coloured Candles

Getting the colour spot on for the right mood or occasion is a fine balance. There are so many different coloured candles to choose from, so it’s important to pick the right ones for your desired effect.

For a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, opt for pastel shades such as pink, white, blue or green. If you’re looking to create a more festive feel, go for brighter colours like red, orange or blue.

Remember that lighter shades will give off a softer light than darker shades.

If you’re not sure which colours to choose, consider the existing decor in the room and try to find candles that will complement it. A mood board is a nice way to place colours, designs and effects together in one place. This will help you make your decision in the buying process.

rose girl candle, sculpture candle

Gift Sculpture Candles this Diwali

Candlelight radiates warmth and soothes the mind. It also emits positive energy into your home. A symbol of love and friendship, candles are a good gift for celebrations like Diwali, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and house warming parties.

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